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Ecuador, Brazil and the European Union pursuing greater climate ambition

In the context of Climate Week for Latin America and Caribbean, EUROCLIMA+ held a side event to share the results achieved and exhibit specific initiatives.

Salvador, Brazil August 22, 2019. In the context of Climate Week for Latin America and Caribbean, EUROCLIMA+ held an event to present the Programme's progress, particularly projects in Brazil and Ecuador and to disseminate a new EUROCLIMA+ publication on NDC implementation processes in the 18 Latin American countries.

During the EUROCLIMA+ side event, Jorge Pinto Antunes of the European Union's Directorate General for Climate stressed the European Union's efforts to reach the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. Among the lessons learned, he reiterated the importance of having appropriate regulatory frameworks and explained how the European experience shows that decarbonisation can go hand in hand with economic growth.

Stephanie Horel of the European Union's Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development presented the 57 projects that EUROCLIMA+ is promoting throughout the Latin American region, many of which are being implemented in the areas of urban mobility; disaster risk management; forests, biodiversity and ecosystems; resilient food production; urban water and energy efficiency.

In this series of ongoing projects, Mariana Gianiaki and Mario Mantovani, both from Brazil's National Association of Municipal Environmental Agencies (ANAMMA), described a project with EUROCLIMA+ that promotes the incorporation of the ecosystem-based adaptation approach in 4 municipalities in Brazil and 3 in Mexico, under the framework of South-South collaborative work. For more information about the project click HERE

During this EUROCLIMA+ Climate Week event it was reported that in 2019 the first national dialogues began to strengthen NDC implementation and increase ambition in 5 countries: Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay. Cristina García, representative of the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador, was present to discuss the experiences with these national dialogues.

García pointed out that “In Ecuador, a participatory process was carried out for the formulation of the NDC and this process was continued with a National Dialogue that is being developed under the EUROCLIMA+ framework”. She added that “After a participatory event that brought together government authorities from different sectors and levels, priority was given to actions that would be supported by EUROCLIMA+ in the coming months.”

The EUROCLIMA+ event concluded with a description of a EUROCLIMA+ initiative that promotes dialogue among peers to support NDC implementation processes. The occasion was also used to announce the launch of EUROCLIMA+ Thematic Study 13 entitled: Advances in Climate Action for Latin America: Nationally Determined Contributions 2019. This publication analyses the situation in the 18 Latin American countries participating in the Programme, pointing out strengths, challenges and unmet needs. As a result of this initiative, exchange meetings are being held to make progress on these challenges.

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About Climate Week 2019 for Latin America and the Caribbean

The final note with results of Climate Week for Latin America and the Caribbean is now published. The results of this climate week will be incorporated into the results of the Climate Action Summit  organised by the UN Secretary General on September 23 in New York.

About EUROCLIMA+, the European Union’s flagship programme in Latin America focusing on climate change,

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