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#WaterWeek: the importance of water stewardship

Importance of women’s participation in science

Video gender inclusion

Launch of the project 'Strengthening of the ASADAS of the GMA

Water Guardians and Guardians of #EUROCLIMA

Women's participation in integrated water resources management in Guatemala

Interview Catarina de Albuquerque

Launch of the project 'Water for Abancay and its Communities

History of life river care in El Salvador

Launch of the project 'Governance for Water and the Territory

Launch of projects “Water management with an urban resilience perspective” of EUROCLIMA+.

Objectives of the Sector


Ensure the availability of water resources under the framework of integrated water management.


The sustainability of drinking water supply services in urban areas located in zones exposed to climate change, with particular attention to access to water for the most vulnerable populations.


Institutional capacities and governance of the sector in beneficiary countries.

Our Projects


Securing water supply, optimising demand and strengthening water resource governance.

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Sustainable territorial planning and water governance in Andean cities

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Public policies to reduce the gaps between water source conservation actions and urban drinking water services

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Ensuring the water supply, optimising demand and strengthening the governance of water resources.

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Costa Rica

Strengthening community operators to address climate challenges in water service supply

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El Salvador

Thematic mapping of climate change impacts, territorial planning and capacity building.

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More resilient and sustainable urban water and drainage systems

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Water management with an urban resilience perspective


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