Adaptation to CC for the human right to water and sanitation: policies that are replicable, scalable, and resilient to future climate conditions.

The project will design a public policy that will turn 9 integrated urban water supply and sanitation systems into pillars of sustainable development.

For this, an innovative methodology will be applied to assess and manage climate/non-climate uncertainties and generate replicable and scalable strategies to increase their resilience to climate change, generating participatory, equitable (gender) and intercultural processes to strengthen and make visible local capacities.

Implementation period

36 months

EU grant amount


Overall project amount





A policy will be designed to turn 9 urban water supply and sanitation systems prioritised by the government's MAST programme into pillars of sustainable development.

Beneficiaries Direct:

  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Mira; Province of Imbabura; Canton Otavalo; Parishes of Gonzales Suarez, San Rafael and Eugenio Espejo; Direct Beneficiaries: 8,500 Women; 8,500 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Esmeraldas; Province of Manabí; Canton Flavio Alfaro; Parish Flavio Alfaro, Francisco de Novillo; Direct Beneficiaries: 6,900 Women; 6,900 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Napo; Province of Sucumbíos; Canton Putumayo; Parish of Puerto El Carmen; Direct Beneficiaries: 1,133 Women; 1,133 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Pastaza; Pastaza Province; Cotopaxi Canton; Pujilí Parish; Direct Beneficiaries: 4,521 Women; 4,521 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Guayas; Province of Cañar; Canton Suscal; Parish Suscal; Direct Beneficiaries: 1,226 Women; 1,226 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Manabí; Province of Manabí; Cantón Flavio Alfaro; Parish of Zapallo; Direct Beneficiaries: 229 Women; 229 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Jubones; Province of Azuay; Canton Nabón; Parish Nabón; Direct Beneficiaries: 691 Women; 691 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Santiago; Province of Azuay; Canton Sigsig; Parish of San Bartolomé; Direct Beneficiaries: 177 Women; 177 Men.
  • Hydrographic Demarcation (DH) of Puyango Catamayo; Province of Loja; Canton Gonzanama; Parish Nambacola; Direct Beneficiaries: 533 Women; 533 Men.
  • Within the identified population group, priority beneficiaries will be ethnic and cultural groups specific to the region.

Map- Project intervention areas

Expected results



Humberto Cholango

Secretary of Water


Diana Ulloa

Technical Undersecretary for Water Resources


Diego Guzmán

Technical Director of Water Resources


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