Water and Territorial Governance in the Atriz Valley Water Region

This project aims to establish a territorial water governance system in intermediate and small high mountain towns in the Atriz Valley Water Region - RHVA, which share water sources and need to develop collaborative tools for their water security as a cli

Implementation period

36 months

EU grant amount


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  1. Design and implement strategies to strengthen the water governance system, enabling supra-municipal, institutional and community articulation, and the development of an integrated culture of water, climate and territory in the RHVA.
  2. To conserve the ecosystems and watersheds supplying the aqueducts of the municipalities of Pasto and Tangua belonging to the RHVA in a coordinated manner between the institutions and community organisations involved in the project.
  3. Contribute to the efficient and effective provision of water services, reducing the risks caused by variations in rainfall and strengthening the institutional capacity of water companies and rural water managers in the municipalities of Pasto and Tangua.
  4. Contribute to other Andean cities and regions in water governance, through regional and binational systematisation and dissemination.

Beneficiaries/ Direct:

  1. Municipality of Pasto:
  • 45,.678 inhabitants of the Municipality of Pasto
  • 90,000 direct users of the water services of the EMPOPASTO SA ESP company.
  • Resident population (50,000 inhabitants) in the areas adjacent to the paramo ecosystem in the targeted region of the eastern corridor of the Pasto River.
  • 10 JAA Veredal Water Supply Administration Boards of the Eastern Corridor of Pasto
  • 4 water supply administration boards in the peri-urban sector of Pasto
  • 50 students from the Environmental Engineering Programme and 13 researchers from the Environmental Research Group - GIA of the Mariana University.
  • Professionals and technicians linked to the allied entities.
  1. Municipality of Tangua:
  • 30,732 inhabitants of the Municipality of Tangua
  • 188, water service users
  • 157 users of the Association ASOOPONGOY, which provides water supply service in the rural area of Piedras-Opongoy.
  • Families living in the rural areas of Piedras, Santander, Opongoy and Las Cochas (752 inhabitants on average).

Mapa- Zonas de intervención del proyecto

"With this project we can share our successful experiences, working as a team for community water management, in addition to contributing through innovation and awareness processes, the importance of joining forces against climate change, thus demonstrating that the possibility of continuing to persevere on water for life is in all our hands", explained the manager of EMPOPASTO, Julio César Delgado (2020).

Expected results

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