EUROCLIMA+ in action

a) EUROCLIMA+ projects in Nicaragua

Central America: encouranging resilience Central America: encouranging resilience

Risk Management

Increasing Capacities for Flood and Drought Disaster Risk Reduction and Promoting Resilience in Central America.

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c) Regional actions

Actions being implemented in the 18 EUROCLIMA+ partner countries

Contact information in Nicaragua

In each country, EUROCLIMA+ works in synergy with officials of the governmental entity in charge of overseeing climate change matters. It also maintains close contact with the European Union delegations of each partner nation.


This is the institution responsible for the conservation, protection and sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. To achieve its objectives, MARENA formulates, proposes, directs and supervises the fulfilment of national policies...

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European Union Delegation

The European Unión (EU) delegation of Nicaragua: what it does, what it hopes to achieve and its personnel.

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Here you will find related information and links of interest for Nicaragua

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Focal point


News, events and publications

EUROCLIMA+ clips and videos

We invite you to review and watch interviews, webinars and other audiovisual material that has been produced under the Programme.



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