European Union

The European Commission: strategic policy and contracting authority (1) Commission's Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA) (Brussels): Management, vision and overall coherence of the Programme (2) European Union Delegations in partner countries: Supporting and facilitating the implementation of the Programme in their country. Country vision and coherence of the Programme in the country.

Horst Pilger
Horst PilgerHead of Sector, Commission's Directorate-General for International
Susana Fuertes
Susana FuertesFocal Point Climate Change – Euroclima Caribbean
Irene Miguelsanz Villanueva
Irene Miguelsanz VillanuevaCommission's Directorate-General for International
Luca Trinchieri
Luca TrinchieriTeam Leader for Green Deal Partnership with the
Donna Gittens
Donna GittensFocal Point Climate Change – Euroclima Caribbean country and communication
Maria Jarvio
Maria JarvioCommission's Directorate-General for International
Carles Puigmarti
Carles PuigmartiCommission's Directorate-General for International

Implementing Agencies

Euroclima is a 105 million Programme co-funded by the EU and the German federal government through the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Its actions and projects are implemented by the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID), Agence française de développement (AFD) and Expertise France, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), , Fundación Internacional y Para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas (FIIAPP), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Sonia Álvarez
Sonia ÁlvarezAECIDcoordinator for Euroclima
Marjorie Michel
Marjorie MichelAFD Coordinador for Euroclima
Jimy Ferrer Carbonell
Jimy Ferrer CarbonellECLACFocal Point in the ECLAC PSU for Euroclima
Almudena Barrio González
Almudena Barrio GonzálezFIIAPPcoordinator and Focal Point for the PSU at Euroclima
Murielle Gurtner
Murielle GurtnerExpertise Francecoordinator for Euroclima
Bernhard Zymla
Bernhard ZymlaGIZcoordinador for Euroclima
Mercedes G. Fariña
Mercedes G. FariñaUNEPcoordinador for Euroclima
 Dr. Mohammad Rafik M.S. Nagdee
Dr. Mohammad Rafik M.S. NagdeeUNDPCoordinator for Euroclima
Mercedes Flórez Gómez
Mercedes Flórez GómezAECIDFocal Point for the PSU at Euroclima
Noelia Garzon
Noelia GarzonAFD Group (Expertise France and Agence Française de Développement)Focal Point for the PSU at Euroclima
Santiago Lorenzo Alonso
Santiago Lorenzo AlonsoECLACECLAC coordinator for Euroclima
Elsa Velasco
Elsa VelascoFIIAPPcoordinator and Focal Point for the PSU at EUROCLIMA
Philipp Schoenecker
Philipp SchoeneckerGIZFocal Point for the PSU at Euroclima
Sara Cabrejas
Sara CabrejasUNEPFocal Point for the PSU at Euroclima
Dr. Marium Alleyne
Dr. Marium AlleyneUNDPFocal point in the PSU for Euroclima

Euroclima Secretariat

Supports coordination and contributes to the coherence and visibility of Euroclima, serving as an interface between Latin American actors and the Programme.

Luca Petrarulo
Luca PetraruloExpert on Monitoring and Evaluation / member of the
Ismael Sayyad
Ismael SayyadCoordinator Caribbean / member of the
Estibalitz Morras
Estibalitz Morras Expert on Climate Change, Bioversity and Knowledge Management / member of the

Link to the pages of the European Union Delegations in EUROCLIMA+ partner countries

List of National Focal Points (EUROCLIMA+ representatives in the partner countries)



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