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Seminar: climate change, innovation and resilience in family agriculture (CNFR)

Phase of field diagnostics in livestock farms of the project "Resilient Family Livestock"

Group 3. Resilient Food Production, Session 1 of the EUROCLIMA+ 2020 Annual Meeting


Webinar #13 - November 26, 2020 - Opportunities and limitations of co-innovation under pandemic restrictions

Webinar #9, June 16: Developing traditional food value chains for foods traditionally produced by communities

Webinar #5 Hydrological risks in the agricultural sector: Methodological advances for Climate Services

Webinar #1 - September 15, 2019 - Thematic Study Information Session

RFP Sector Webinar #12 - October 21, 2020 - NAMAS in the Latin American agrifood Sector

Webinar #8 of May 19, 2020 "Financial mechanisms based on ecosystem services with benefits for family agriculture

Webinar #4 - Implications of COP25 for the agricultural sector 

Webinar #11 - October 26 - Virtual technical assistance and training Solutions

Webinar #7, April 16, 2020: Ecosystem-based adaptation for the agricultural sector

Webinar #3 - November 12, 2019 - Contributions to the NDCs of countries for project co-financed by EUROCLIMA+

Webinar #10 Public-private articulation in agri-food value chains


Webinar #6 Lessons learned from the participatory climate vulnerability baseline assessment

Webinar #2 - October 15, 2019 - Monitoring Adaptation to climate change

Our Projects

Climate-Smart Agriculture

for Resilient Food Production (CSA - RFP)

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Production and climate change

Andean Resilience: strengthening small-scale agricultural production in areas vulnerable to climate change in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru

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Coffee cultivation and climate change

Coffee Farming and Climate Change for Resilient Food Production

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Mitigation in Agriculture

Support for the formulation of Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Central American Agriculture

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Resilient family agriculture

Biodiversity and best climate-smart agricultural practices to improve the resilience and productivity of family agriculture in Andean potato-based food systems

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Resilience of heritage foods

Resilient Production, Marketing and Consumption of Cañahua and Tarwi

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Strengthening indigenous sustainable food production systems

Strengthening indigenous sustainable food production systems as climate change-resilient measures in Central America

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Resilience in agro-food chains

Resilient food production in agro-food value chains

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Production in vulnerable regions

Resilient food production in horticultural-livestock systems of Family Farming in climate-vulnerable regions of Argentina and Colombia

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Co-innovation for resilient food production

Co-innovation for resilient food production in family livestock farming on natural fields in Uruguay

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