Latin American journalists committed to climate action

During the event organised by EUROCLIMA+ at COP25, Latin American journalists took on the challenge of promoting more climate action in the coming five years.

Madrid, Spain, December 7, 2019. Journalists and communicators were the protagonists of the event "Journalism for Climate Action: Challenges and Opportunities for the Media", which aimed to reflect on the role of journalism as a key agent of transformation for climate action.

Currently, only about 1 percent of the information disseminated by the media in our region is related to climate change (source: Radar Climático, ConexiónCOP). In this regard, during the event the challenges to improve media coverage on the subject were addressed and the need was identified to multiply this coverage in order to have an impact on the public agenda that influences policies and what consumers choose.

According to Arturo Larena Larena, director of EFE VERDE, “a well-informed society is powerful”. For his part, José Luis Samaniego, director of ECLAC's Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division, stressed the importance of transmitting messages about climate change in human stories. The event was moderated by Maite Cigarán (ConexionCOP) and Katiana Murillo (LatinClima).

The COP25 is a milestone in promoting global climate action and commitment at the level of all actors in society, for which journalists assume a fundamental role. The activity took place on Saturday, December 7 at 16:00 hours in the EUROCLIMA+ Programme Pavilion.

See photos of the event here. 


EUROCLIMA+ is a programme funded by the European Union to promote environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient development in 18 Latin American countries, particularly for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations. The Programme is implemented through the synergistic work of seven agencies: Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), French Development Agency (AFD), Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Expertise France (EF), International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), the German society for international cooperation (GIZ), and UN Environment.


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Euroclima is the European Union's flagship programme on environmental sustainability and climate change with Latin America. It aims to reduce the impact of climate change and its effects in Latin America by promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation through resilience and investment. 
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