EUROCLIMA+ Pavilion at COP25

More than 45 events are planned. Representatives of national governments, local authorities, cooperation agencies, academia and NGOs from Latin America

and the European Union will participate.

November 19, 2019. Brussels, Belgium. Felice Zaccheo, Head of the Regional Programmes Unit for Latin America of the European Union, officially announced the calendar for the 45 events that will take place at the EUROCLIMA+ pavilion during the COP25 in Madrid, Spain, from December 2 to 13.

"We want the EUROCLIMA+ pavilion to be a space for meetings, a place where we can delve deeper into the challenges and progress made in Latin American countries on reducing emissions, adapting to the effects of climate change and increasing ambition in their commitments," Zaccheo said.

After a call for proposals in which more than 160 proposals were submitted, and after a detailed process that included coordination work among the applicants in the review of their proposals and/or the merger of several events, the EUROCLIMA+ Secretariat is presenting the list of the 45 events that will take place during COP25.

The proposals for each of the events contemplated the active participation of high-level technicians and senior officials from Latin America and Europe so that they can exchange information, discuss the best ways to confront climate change, and share experiences and lessons learned.

In line with the diversity that characterises Latin America, the parallel events that will take place in the EUROCLIMA+ Pavilion will address the most relevant challenges for the region from the point of view of different sectors.

Representatives of national governments, local authorities, cooperation agencies, academia and non-governmental organisations from Latin America, the European Union and other continents will be present in the Pavilion. In addition, it is planned that various international organizations of the United Nations will also present the results of initiatives they are promoting in support of Latin America.

As reflected in the calendar, there will be events focused on academic matters, and other technical and high-level sessions in which political authorities, from Latin America as well as the European Union, will give their strategic views on how to advance in this common challenge.

It is expected that several of the sessions will provide reflections and lessons learned based on the projects and actions currently underway in the 18 Latin American countries where EUROCLIMA+ operates,

The topics selected include initiatives that offer ecosystem-based solutions, resilient food production, disaster risk management, energy, cities, economics of climate change, sustainable urban mobility, transparency, governance, climate policies and commitments of the countries vis-à-vis the Paris Agreement, social aspects, youth, gender and attention to vulnerable groups and indigenous groups.

The main results and conclusions of the presentations and debates will then be incorporated into a publication in the EUROCLIMA+ Thematic Studies series which hopes to provide an updated overview of the challenges and developments taking place in Latin America.

Each of the 45 events to be held in the EUROCLIMA+ pavilion will be broadcast on Facebook life through the programme's account:

An interactive calendar is uploaded with detailed information on the objective, description, list of speakers and other informative details for each one of the events selected.


EUROCLIMA+ reserves the right to make minor changes to this agenda for reasons of force majeure.


EUROCLIMA+ is a programme funded by the European Union to promote environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient development in 18 Latin American countries, particularly for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations. The Programme is implemented under the synergistic work of seven agencies: Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), French Development Agency (AFD), Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Expertise France (EF), International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), and UN Environment.


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Euroclima is the European Union's flagship programme on environmental sustainability and climate change with Latin America. It aims to reduce the impact of climate change and its effects in Latin America by promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation through resilience and investment. 
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