Energy Efficiency Learning Network companies commit to reducing emissions.

As a group commitment, the companies plan to achieve savings of between 2% and 7% of their energy consumption by implementing the measures learned in the Network.

Boyacá, Colombia. July 2023. Companies in the manufacturing industry in Colombia participated in the workshop to consolidate the results of the "Energy Management Systems Learning Network of Colombia - RdA SGEn Colombia", which was held at the facilities of Grupo Siderúrgico REYNA S.A.S. in the town of Sogamoso.

A Learning Network in Energy Management Systems (RdA SGEn) is a systematized methodology through which a collaborative space is created in which companies that pursue the common goal of improving their energy performance or implement energy efficiency measures are linked, using the exchange of experiences, problems, and mutual resources to achieve it. Within this framework, all actors are responsible for building knowledge and strengthening the Network.

This Network is part of Euroclima's support in Colombia through the action Energy Management in the industrial sector as a strategy to improve energy performance and competitiveness of the sector and contribute to the mitigation objectives adopted in the NDC, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

The Colombian SGEn RoA is made up of 13 companies that have established their baseline or gap at the beginning of the process, have also set individual and joint goals based on the improvement potentials identified, and have met periodically in the framework of workshops, moderated by professionals and accompanied by technical experts, in which they develop different activities and dynamics that allow reaching the proposed goals in an efficient and consolidated manner.

As a group commitment of the Network, the companies plan to make overall energy savings of between 2% and 7%, which is significant for these energy and gas consuming companies. At a global target level, it represents 2.5% of energy savings of the #Network which would represent a reduction of GHG emissions of 51,000 Ton CO2 eq/year.

The workshop held in Boyacá was a space where we sought to take stock of the results of the joint work process. Throughout the two days of work, the results and the process of forming the Learning Network were shared, as well as the discussion on its continuity and sustainability.

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In addition, during the workshop a technical visit was made to the facilities of Grupo Siderurgica Reyna, through which it was possible to learn about strategies for significant energy use, field work activities were carried out, and feedback was given to the host company from its participating peers.

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