Assessment of losses and damages from climate impact - Part 2

On Thursday 17 March 2022, the 26th virtual exchange session of the Community of Practice on Climate Policy Monitoring and Evaluation (CoPME) took place under

the title Assessment of losses and damage from climate impact - Part 2. The session, the second in a series that will address this topic, aimed to deepen the concept of loss and damage (L&D) and address the institutional arrangements that are being formed in the countries to address its monitoring. Daniel Puig, senior advisor at the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Center, gave a presentation on the key concepts of loss and damage. In the second part, Gladys Santis, adaptation and loss and damage negotiator at the Ministry of Environment of Chile, shared her country's experience. The session ended with a group mapping of the relevant loss and damage institutions in the different countries participating in the session.

Document of conclusions

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