Dialogue among peers to enhance NDC implementation in Latin America

The Dialogue among Peers initiative seeks to contribute to climate governance by promoting coordination, cross-sectoral coherence and cooperation between national, regional and local levels for the implementation of NDCs and other commitments that Latin American countries have made under the Paris Agreement.


Main Objective

To enhance the implementation of NDCs in Latin American countries participating in the EUROCLIMA+ programme, through knowledge management, exchanges among peers and strategic capacity building for the completion and revision of nationally determined contributions.

Specific Objective

To systematise experiences, promote spaces for dialogue and experience exchanges, and facilitate cooperation among peers to enhance NDC implementation in Latin America, with a particular focus on initiatives at 5 levels of articulation: Political-legal-institutional, sectoral, territorial, social and financial.

Expected Results

Characterisation of the experiences of the eighteen (18) Latin American countries that are part of the EUROCLIMA+ programme in the formulation and implementation of their NDCs, with special emphasis on territorial and sectoral coordination.
Latin American countries share experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of their NDCs to facilitate and enhance their implementation in the region and contribute to compliance with the Paris Agreement.
A series of South-South and triangular learning activities have been identified and implemented through exchanges among peers and groups of countries, according to identified needs and strengths to support concrete progress in NDC implementation.
A state-of-the-art digital tool has been developed to monitor nationally determined contributions (NDC) in Latin America and the Caribbean.



Partner Institutions




EUROCLIMA+ promotes Exchanges among Peers

EUROCLIMA+ promotes South-South, North-South cooperation to strengthen Climate Action in LA.
Santiago de Chile, June 14 2019
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NDC Implementation at COP24

COP 24 - Side Event Pavilion NDC Partnership
Katowice, Poland. December 8 2018


Sectoral and multilevel articulation to strengthen NDC implementation in LA

Santiago de Chile, August 3 2018


EUROCLIMA+ analyses the progress of climate commitments in LA

Santiago, Chile, April 26 2019


COP24: a key moment for Latin America

Katowice, Poland. December 8 2018

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Chile, EUROCLIMA+ meeting centre for climate governance

Santiago de Chile, July 25 2018

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EUROCLIMA+ promotes climate action in Latin America

On 21 December 2018, the "exchanges among peers " process began, in which organisations and entities from all 18 partner countries could participate.

EUROCLIMA+ promotes dialogue among Latin American countries to strengthen climate action in the region

Santiago de Chile, October 22 2018

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LA countries aim to strengthen the implementation of their climate commitments

Santiago de Chile, July 31 2018



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