Promoting the efficient use of biomass in Paraguay

This action seeks to promote the saving and efficient use of energy in agro-industrial facilities of SMEs that use biomass as the main fuel in their production processes (yerba mate dryers, grain dryers, potteries, ceramics, and establishments for breeding and fattening chickens). This initiative is part of the Programme for the "Promotion of the Efficient Use of Biomass in Paraguay", which aims to encourage the productive sector to adopt energy efficiency measures due to the economic, social and environmental benefits it generates.

The initiative allows Paraguay to continue its commitment to the promotion of clean and energy efficient technologies, contributing to the consolidation of national actions such as the National Energy Policy 2016-2040 and the mitigation strategy included in the National Climate Change Policy, aligned with the commitments made in the NDC.

Euroclima+ supports the creation of a freely accessible calculation tool that will allow SMEs to self-diagnose the energy consumption of their production processes and estimate the impact of the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Work is also being carried out on the generation of these measures. To ensure the participation of the SMEs and associations involved and the appropriation of the tool, a communication and visibility campaign is being developed for the Programme.

Expected Results


Programme "Promotion of the Efficient Use of Biomass in Paraguay

Design and implementation of a programme to promote the efficient use of biomass in the agro-industrial sector in Paraguay. It is based on the creation of a self-diagnosis tool with measures for improvement and the implementation of a communication campaign with its own graphic identity. The objective is to reach the unions and companies in the agro-industrial sector and demonstrate the benefits of adopting measures for the efficient use of biomass in economic, social and environmental aspects.

Identification of measures for improvement

Identification of a series of measures for the efficient use of biomass applicable to the agro-industrial sector and adapted to the Paraguayan context. Exchanges of experiences with other countries and analyses directly with the companies in each sector will be carried out.

Calculation tool

Development of a "Calculation Tool" for carrying out self-diagnoses of energy consumption, identifying high consumption points and estimating energy consumption reduction during production processes, as well as the economic and environmental benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures. The tool will be easy to use and available on the web, so that SMEs and interested parties from other sectors will be able to carry out the simulations free of charge and with the technical support of the staff of the institutions involved.


New energy self-diagnostic tool starts testing phase in Paraguay

The test phase of the calculation tool that will allow SMEs to reduce emissions related to biomass consumption has started.
Asunción, Paraguay - 03 June 2021


Energy Efficiency and GHG Reduction Calculator in Paraguay

Paraguay is preparing a calculation tool that will allow SMEs to carry out self-diagnoses of energy consumption and identify possible savings and emission reduction points in their industrial processes.
Asunción, Paraguay - 22 February 2021




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