National Strategies for Electric Mobility in Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Panama

The objective of this action is the development and adoption of National Electric Mobility Strategies by Colombia, Panama, and Argentina. The preparation of the electric mobility strategies was based on an iterative multi-stakeholder consultation process, which allowed for the establishment of relationships with various sectors, public as well as private. This involved a series of steps including: the organisation of a launch workshop, a baseline diagnosis, the writing of a draft, consultation with relevant stakeholders, and finally its adoption and publication.

In addition, to support these efforts, standardise the process, and encourage other countries to follow suit, a practical guide to the development of National Mobility Strategies was created.

Expected Results


National Mobility Strategies

The plan is to support governments in the development of National Electric Mobility Strategies in each of the three countries.

Practical Guide

The aim is to develop and publish a Practical Guide for the development of a National Strategy for Electric Mobility



Partner Institutions

Ministries of Environment and Energy of the countries



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