Strategy for Building and Strengthening Capacities, under the action framework for climate empowerment promoted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement - Chile

The process focuses on the development of the Long-Term Strategy on Building and Strengthening Capacities in ACE, promoted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.

As important milestones, Chile has incorporated the ACE approach into the draft Framework Law on Climate Change. This implies, in turn, the implementation of the Long-Term Strategy including ACE and its components as a main part in the development of the process.

The acquisition of skills and performance in the formal and non-formal settings are especially relevant to the full effectiveness of ACE. Therefore, this challenge implies the identification of innovative and comprehensive experiences at the international level on ACE in order to share experiences among countries. The State of the Art becomes the theoretical framework that provides a diagnosis and lines of work in the incorporation of ACE in alignment with the Paris Agreement.

Expected Results



Latin American Network for Climate Empowerment Action promoted by the Paris Agreement.


Incorporation of technical inputs through a participatory process with civil society (local and regional governments, third sector, business organisations and civil servants) in the process of the Long Term Strategy on Climate Change in Chile with special attention to the creation and strengthening of capacities at the multisectoral level.


Accompaniment and elaboration of the long-term Strategy on Climate Change through technical and methodological advising and support on citizen participation processes and public consultations at a multi-sectoral level.






A new Thematic Study analyses the state of the art of ACE in Latin America

The Study, presented yesterday virtually, analyses the design and implementation of climate plans and policies to respond to the mandate of Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, in eight countries of the region.


Webinar: ACE and its transformative potential in Latin America

New Thematic Study: Action for Climate Empowerment and its transformative potential in Latin America

EUROCLIMA+ raises the state of the art of Climate Empowerment Action in the plans and policies of eight countries in the Region.
Madrid, March 24 2020


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