Knowledge generation and training in electric mobility and nature-based solutions (NbS) in the region

This action consists of a variety of activities focused on its ultimate goal of creating science-based policies and generating knowledge on electric mobility technologies, all with an approach adapted to the LAC region. The list of activities we are working on is as follows:

  • Progress Reports on the Status of Electric Mobility in LAC (2018 and 2019).
  • Practical guide for operators for the successful introduction, scaling-up and replication of electric buses.
  • Methodology for the evaluation of the economic, environmental and social benefits derived from the implementation of public policies on electric mobility and piloting of the methodology in 5 cities of countries in the region This action was independent and is the modification we requested from line 1.
  • Report for Zero Carbon Latin America (coupled transition of transport and electricity generation) - Regional electric mobility platform.
  • Virtual conferences and maintenance of a repository of these.
  • News
  • Publications on technology, policies, financing, health, etc. related to electric mobility.
  • Coordination with other regional and international communities of practice.



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