System for monitoring the progress of the National Climate Change Action Plan 2017-2022 - Chile

The 2017-2022 PANCC was approved in June 2017 by the Council of Ministers for Sustainability. This plan is an instrument that articulates climate change policy and integrates the actions to be taken by the various ministries and services responsible for climate change over the next five years and with which it seeks to install the topic of climate change in the different spheres of the country.

As part of the international agenda, the 2017-2022 PANCC also aims at systematising the actions that will allow Chile to advance in the fulfilment of its commitments to the Paris Agreement, with preparatory actions for the implementation of this contribution, with a view towards the 2030 deadline and the intermediate milestones defined in the Paris Agreement itself. The actions of the PANCC will also serve to meet the targets of the Sustainable Development Objectives related to climate change (objective 13) and the recommendations made by the OECD to the Ministry of the Environment and the Government of Chile in its 2016 assessment with regard to climate change.

This new plan for the first time emphasises the implementation of measures at the local level, seeking the generation of capacities and institutional strengthening in climate change at the level of sub-national governments, and the concrete implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures, considering the formation and strengthening of Regional Climate Change Committees to be fundamental.

Expected Results



Review of targets and indicators, Indicators for monitoring of the plan agreed.


Design and implementation of a platform that contains a module for the monitoring system, which facilitates annual reporting on the plan's progress, and a citizen's module, which allows this information to be made known periodically to citizens.



Partner Institutions



Experience exchanges on monitoring climate policies in Chile

Chile's Ministry of the Environment, supported by the European Union's cooperation programme, EUROCLIMA+, organised a meeting to share progress on climate policy monitoring.
Santiago de Chile, July 31 2018


Through the EUROCLIMA+ programme, activities have been organised to develop the climate agenda for the countries of the region.
Santiago de Chile, August 3 2018




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