Development of a National System for the registration and quantification of adverse impacts of climate change in Uruguay.

The impacts of climate change in Uruguay are mainly caused by severe events such as strong winds, floods, droughts, cold and heat waves. Isolated efforts have been made to evaluate the economic impacts of some of these events in a partial and sectoral manner, without considering a systemic view of the impacts and a consistent knowledge of them.

At the country level, it is necessary to incorporate a methodology that allows annual reporting on the effects of the most significant climate impacts for the different sectors of society and the country's economy.

This proposal contemplates the following components: Review of methodological background at the international level on the assessment of adverse impacts of climate change, focusing on damage and losses resulting from extreme weather events; review of mechanisms implemented at national and sectoral levels to assess climate impacts; identification of the main climatic and hydrological threats for each sector and area of society; design of a mechanism to have an annual national report; sectoral training; pilot implementation of the mechanism.

Expected results



Knowledge of how different areas and sectors of the country assess adverse climate impacts and possible adjustments so that such assessments can be compared with one another and broken down to allow a systemic analysis of impacts.


Methodological development for the evaluation of impacts of adverse climatic events (damages and losses resulting from extreme weather events).


Systematised knowledge about the adverse impacts of climate change on society and the country's economy.


Development of a mechanism to gather information on and assess the adverse impacts of climate change in economic terms based on sound institutional arrangements.



Partner institutions

National Climate Change Response System (Spanish acronym SNRCC):

  • Climate Change Division of MVOTMA
  • National Directorate of Waters
  • National Emergency System
  • Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Ministry of Industry and Energy
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Office of Planning and Budget

Inter-institutional Working Group on Losses and Damages






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