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In this section you will only see publications produced in English. Most of the documentation of this Programme is in the Spanish language only. If you wish to see the rest of the EUROCLIMA+ library, click here.

Resiliencia y transporte: lecciones de la respuesta de América Latina al COVID-19

Este webinar se realizó en inglés. Los funcionarios de Bogotá, Buenos Aires y Santiago comparten cómo sus ciudades están respondiendo al COVID-19, lo que han aprendido y las implicaciones para la planificación de la resiliencia futura.

Progress on Climate Action in Latin America: Nationally Determined Contributions as of 2019

This study presents an overview of the state of the art of implementing nationally determined contributions (NDC) in the 18 Latin American countries participating in the Programme, identifying strengths, challenges and needs, as well as success stories that can be replicated in other countries.

Climate Finance and NDCs in Latin America: Guide to accessing international funding sources

Since 2010, on the basis of the agreements made at the Fifth Summit of the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC), held in Lima in May 2008, the two regions have worked together to face climate change through the EUROCLIMA programme. Given the programme’s many achievements and the great environmental challenges to come, the countries of the LAC region and the European Union have chosen to join forces in a new regional cooperation effort by implementing a broader programme—EUROCLIMA+

Brochure EUROCLIMA 2010-2016

Contribute to poverty reduction of the Latin American population by reducing their environmental and social vulnerability to climate change. Reinforce resilience of the Latin American region to climate change and promote opportunities for green growth.

Soil Atlas of Latin America and the caribbean
What is soil? Where does it come from? What is special about soil in Latin America and the Caribbean ? What does soil provide to society? What is the impact of climate change on soils? The first ever Soil Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean aims to answer these questions about the origin and functions of soils through the use of striking maps, informative texts, stunning photographs and graphics.
EUROCLIMA results of the First Phase

The objective of the first phase of EUROCLIMA has been to improve the knowledge of Latin American decision-makers and scientists regarding the problems and consequences of climate change, in order to integrate them in sustainable development strategies.

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