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Green Recovery for Practitioners – Examples from around the World for Building Forward Better

This report presents a compilation of examples that can inspire the practical implementation of a green recovery, drawing upon measures and instruments that have been deployed in countries worldwide, particularly in developing and emerging economies.

Green Recovery for Practitioners – Fiscal Policies for a Sustainable, Inclusive  and Resilient Transformation

Green Recovery for Practitioners - Fiscal Policies for a Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Transformation

While the Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for countries worldwide, it has also created opportunities for driving transformation through a green recovery.

Bulletin june 2021

The June 2021 e-bulletin highlights the main results or processes of the last quarter on the actions and projects that EUROCLIMA+ implements in the Latin American region. In this way, news, articles and other audiovisual information have been structured.

Is the COVID-19 economic recovery building a sustainable future?

This report presents intermediate results of a broader analysis of the economic responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the LAC region, and how the allocated investments can accelerate the economic recovery phase while meeting climate change goals. The report has been developed thanks to an investment tracking tool, the LAC Recovery Tracker, which analyses over 1,100 policies to provide a live snapshot on spending in the region. The LAC Recovery Tracker is a subset of the larger Global Recovery Observatory.i

Green Recovery for Practitioners - Setting the Course Towards a Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Transformation

The series aims to provide insights on how green recovery planning can be approached and what factors can contribute to successful implementation as well as a collection of good practices.

International Experience in Transboundary Mountain  Governance: Insights for Andean Cooperation

The objective of this background document is to support and accompany this process byproviding a brief overview of core elements of an institutional setup to be considered. Thedocument contributes to the UN Environment project Accelerating Climate Action underEuroclima+; it was elaborated by the University of Geneva’s Institute of EnvironmentalGovernance and Territorial Development, with inputs from the Mountain Research Initiative.

Transport electrification, electricity generation and grid stabilization

This session will show the state-of-the-art technology and strategies to achieve this goal, barriers and readiness, use cases, business cases and models to deliver, and their impacts where these strategies have been already implemented.

Resiliencia y transporte: mejores prácticas internacionales de instrumentos de financiamiento para apoyar el transporte público después del Covid-19

Este webinar se llevó a cabo en inglés. Se presenta y discute cómo las agencias de transporte y los gobiernos de todo el mundo han estado actuando para abordar el desafío de sus sistemas de transporte.

Resiliencia y transporte: lecciones de la India mientras se responde al COVID-19

Este webinar se realizó en inglés y su propósito fue escuahr a 3 expertos de alto nivel cómo es la situación con respecto al transporte y la movilidad, las consecuencias reales de las estrictas medidas tomadas por el gobierno y las lecciones aprendidas hasta ahora.

Movilidad en el Territorio ante la Contingencia Sanitaria

En el Marco de las actividades de la Red Nacional Metropolitana, el webinario busca analizar las necesidades de movilidad de las personas y las mercancías en el territorio mexicano durante la Emergencia Sanitaria declarada ante el COVID-19, y cómo atenderlas a través de modos sostenibles.

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