Young Researchers Program of Honduras closes process with academic publication.

Nine articles make up the special edition of UNITEC's Innovare Magazine, which gathers the main results and conclusions of the research carried out within the framework of the cooperation with the Euroclima program.

Tegucigalpa July 2023. As part of the collaboration between the European Union and Honduras through the Euroclima program in the development of the National Strategy for Decarbonization and Climate Resilience of Honduras (ENDRCH) 2020-2050, and under the implementation of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in collaboration with the Central American Technological University (UNITEC), the Young Researchers Program was developed.

The initiative sought to strengthen the capacities of future sectoral experts, as well as to incorporate technical-scientific data in the development of the ENDRCH, and to create and strengthen links between various actors from different sectors such as academia and the public sector, to work together in the design and implementation of climate action in Honduras.

After a competitive and open process, twelve research projects were selected from young Honduran graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, who addressed key issues in six strategic sectors of the ENDRCH, forests, urbanism, agriculture, energy, transportation, AFOLU and waste.

Under the support of UNITEC, the researchers developed their projects for more than 10 months, during which time they also had opportunities for exchange and liaison with relevant actors in climate action.

All this research has generated updated and relevant scientific data for decision making and the design of the measures that make up the new ENDRCH that the country is developing.

The results of the research and work processes of the young people in the program have been collected in a scientific publication, through a special issue of the Innovare Magazine, and the knowledge generated has also been inserted in academic circles.

The strategic alliance between academia and public policy is essential for the structuring of climate action plans in line with the needs of decarbonization and for the implementation of actions that promote a just transition that does not deepen inequalities among the most vulnerable.

Check below the main results and contributions of the program's research:


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