Updating and expanding the Climate Transparency Platform to track progress on Panama's climate commitments

The EUROCLIMA+ programme will support the updating and expansion of the Climate Transparency Platform for monitoring the progress of Panama's climate commitments, a task on which it will work jointly with the Climate Change Directorate of the Panamanian Ministry of Environment (MiAMBIENTE).

Created and regulated in 2020, the Climate Transparency Platform is the official mechanism for the management, monitoring, reporting and registration of national initiatives that move the country towards sustainable, inclusive, low-emission and climate-resilient development, such as the Reduce Your Footprint programme.

In its first phase, the Platform will include the modules for the Sustainable Greenhouse Gas Inventory System, Registry of Emissions and Mitigation and Adaptation Actions, as well as the National Registry of Means of Implementation. In addition, the National Registry for Monitoring and Policy Update will be included.

General Objective

The objective of this action is to add to this platform information regarding the fulfilment of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), aligning the platform with climate information and the commitments acquired before the international community with the aim of Panama remaining a carbon negative country.

Expected Results


Fulfilment of NDCs

Proposal for institutional arrangements for monitoring implementation and fulfilment of the NDC.

Standardisation of data

Proposal for national protocols to ensure compatibility and standardisation of related data by sector.


For data compilers, providers and users of the Climate Transparency Platform.

Emissions Registry

Peer review of the feasibility of the Mitigation and Adaptation Emissions and Actions Register, the Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation System and the National Registry of Means of Implementation.

Policy Registry

Technical document on the design and establishment of the National Registry for Monitoring and Updating Policies within the Climate Transparency Platform.




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