Monitoring of land use changes and estimation of GHG emissions from the land sector in Mexico's Natural Protected Areas

The EUROCLIMA+ programme will support the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) and the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) to contribute to the process of strengthening Mexico's capacities in monitoring land use changes and estimating GHG emissions from the land sector in the country's Natural Protected Areas. 

Mitigation targets for emissions from land-use change in Mexico already have a well-developed national methodology through tools such as the Satellite System for Forest Monitoring (SAMOF) or the National Forest and Soil Inventory. 

To reinforce these capacities and increase the resolution of the products, the proposed action will develop specific satellite monitoring activities supported by verification through field work on plots in protected areas, as well as training and technical assistance activities that achieve replicable methodologies on a national scale. 

Expected Results


Estimation of deforestation rates

Improved monitoring of changes in land use.


Aimed at experts and technical staff to achieve scalable methodologies at national level.

Estimation of emissions

Improved capabilities for estimating GHG emissions from land use changes.

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