Development of integrated actions for the design and implementation of Nature-based Solutions in the framework of the country commitments set forth in the Panama NDC1.

The EUROCLIMA+ programme will support the Climate Change Directorate of the Panamanian Ministry of Environment (MiAMBIENTE) in the development of integrated actions for the design and implementation of Nature-Based Solutions in the framework of Panama's First Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC1).

The Nature-based Solutions approach is one of the methodological foundations that guided the NDC1 updating, understood as those actions that integrate ecosystems and the services they provide to respond to challenges such as climate change, food security or disaster risk.

Through this action, a portfolio of Nature-based Solutions will be developed as a complement and means of implementation of the National Climate Action Plan. The application of these solutions will facilitate the increase of resilience in the prioritised watersheds; the reduction of emissions and increase of carbon storage through reforestation, afforestation and soil restoration; as well as the sustainable management of forests and the conservation of forest carbon stocks.

Expected Results


Regional Exchange

Diagnosis and regional exchange of experiences in the design and implementation of Nature-based Solutions.


On Nature-based solutions and climate change management in priority areas of the NDC1, with a projects portfolio and technical guidance for project developers.

Status report

On nature-based solutions in the NDC1 priority areas and in accordance with IUCN.




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