Accompanying the formulation of El Salvador's 2050 Low Emission and Resilient Development Strategy (ED 2050)

In compliance with its commitments under the Paris Agreement, El Salvador submitted its first NDC in 2015 and in 2018 developed, with support from EUROCLIMA+, a system for monitoring and evaluating its contributions.

It is currently working on the design of its Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy, a process which, in its diagnostic phase, is being accompanied by the EUROCLIMA+ programme. This strategy is key to ensuring that the country's development decisions and future NDCs are consistent with a decarbonisation pathway for the economy to contribute to the global goal of net zero emissions by the middle of this century.

Considering the priority for the country to adapt to climate change and the synergies between mitigation and adaptation, it is considered appropriate to develop a strategy that seeks both resilient and low-carbon development.

Expected Results


Diagnostic phase and roadmap

Identified and characterised the priority sectors, the available information and its gaps, as well as the relevant actors for the planning of resilient and low-emission development in the long term in El Salvador with a participatory approach.


Alignment of NDCs, sectoral strategies and post-pandemic recovery processes with the ENDBC


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