Support in the methodological design and prioritisation of NDC strategic targets in the energy sector of Guatemala.

Guatemala has just presented its updated NCD, a process led by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), as the lead agency for climate change in the country, with the support of the EUROCLIMA+ Programme.

This action is part of the revision process of Guatemala's NDC, which has allowed setting targets and actions that lead to more ambitious objectives than those of the first NDC, taking into account the development needs and priorities of the different sectors, as well as the relevant policy frameworks for each sector, in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

In its development, priority sectors for both mitigation and adaptation have been identified and governance has been established for the process, which sets forth the arrangements between actors and the roles of each one throughout the process, including information flow and decision-making.

Expected Results



Mitigation targets in the energy sector defined


Knowledge and validation of the targets by relevant stakeholders disseminated for their implementation.


The methodology designed for the formulation of the targets systematised and documented


Completed the proposed indicators for the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of energy sector targets.

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