Support for the implementation of the Leticia Pact Action Plan

The EUROCLIMA+ Program, at the request of the governments of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, is supporting the implementation of the Action Plan of the Leticia Pact for the Amazon. This plan provides a framework for action to address the causes of deforestation by promoting the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon biome and the protection of indigenous peoples and local communities living in this strategic ecosystem.

The implementing agencies of the EUROCLIMA+ program are responsible for the implementation of the actions. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the following actions:

Prioritized actions



Promote alliances and agreements that allow for training, advice, research, development, use and clean technology transfer in the transformation processes of forest products and biodiversity, particularly to local stakeholders and communities.


Articulate research centers to exchange experiences and carry out joint actions for sustainable forest management, the development of management plans for wild species, and/or the implementation of agroforestry production systems that contribute to the competitiveness of value chains, as well as the generation of technical bases for restoration, recovery and ecological rehabilitation.

Knowledge about Biodiversity

Promote greater cooperation, preferably in the form of networks, between research centers and the academic and scientific community (Amazonian Academic and Research Group) that has as a priority the study for the conservation and sustainable development of the biodiversity of the Amazon, and that combines ancestral knowledge and traditional knowledge.

In a process of co-constructive dialogue, the Ministries of Environment of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, together with research centers such as the Amazon Scientific Research Institute SINCHI of Colombia, the National Biodiversity Institute of Ecuador and the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute, were able to agree, design and validate specific strategies for these actions to strengthen environmental public policy. The prioritized actions framed in the mandate of the Leticia Pact are oriented as follows:

For the action on Bio-businesses:

Promote the sustainable use of the forest through the strengthening of community enterprises that depend on Amazonian forests. This action focuses on identifying the capacities that Amazonian bio-businesses need to improve their commercial profile and be able to access new market opportunities, as well as developing strategies to strengthen Amazonian bio-business capacities, appropriate to the context of each country.

For the action on Restoration:

Promote coordination with research centers to generate studies to identify opportunities for the restoration of degraded areas. As part of this action, national methodologies are applied in the three countries to identify opportunities for the restoration of degraded areas and attributes to categorize the reference scenario.

For the action on Knowledge about Biodiversity:

Strengthen the research and knowledge transfer capacities of research institutions on the management and sustainable use of biodiversity, including traditional knowledge, for the purposes of the Conventions. This action analyzes the technological, legal and infrastructure conditions of public institutions in the three countries to improve the interoperability of information systems and databases related to biodiversity management.

Within the three actions, spaces are organized for the exchange of experiences to promote cooperation in the Amazon region, as well as lessons learned and challenges to promote public policy to achieve the sustainable development of the Amazon forests.




Partner Institutions

Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition of Ecuador (MAATE)
National Biodiversity Institute of Ecuador (INABIO)
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia
Amazonian Institute of Scientific Research (SINCHI)
Ministry of Environment of Peru
Peruvian Amazonian Research Institute (IIAP)





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