National Action for Climate Empowerment Strategy· Uruguay

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The process drives the creation, design, and implementation of the National ACE Strategy in Uruguay in the Country Dialogue under the framework of the Euroclima+ programme and responding to the United Nations mandate on ACE- Action for Climate Empowerment.

The development of this strategy is envisaged in coordination with the country's National Climate Change Response System and in dialogue with civil society.

Relevant milestones in this action are a diagnosis of the background in the country with a survey of previous actions, which support the promotion of the strategy: education, training and awareness-raising become relevant as key elements for the strategy. A second milestone is the participatory process that will allow the promotion of dialogue with citizens to contribute to the final document. And as a trigger, at the same time, these steps will facilitate the identification of emblematic actions that will drive the strategy forward in the country.

Expected results


National Climate Empowerment Strategy

Framework Document for the promotion of ACE in the country that incorporates objectives, results, and actions to be implemented in the country.


Participatory Process for the Strategy: spaces for co-design with civil society to contribute to the strategy through collaborative methodologies.

Exchange among peers

Sharing of experiences, lessons learned, and actions developed relevant to the context of ACE that provide knowledge and resources to advance the implementation of national ACE strategies.

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