Ibero-American Forum for Communication and Climate Change

Implementation period: March 2021 - September 2022

The aim of this action was to create a multi-sectoral space open to journalists and communicators from all over Latin America to exchange experiences and best practices on issues related to climate change. In order to achieve this objective, synergies between the EUROCLIMA+ programme and the ARAUCLIMA programme promoted by the Spanish Development Cooperation have been combined and that are focused on climate change adaptation, risk reduction and resilience;  the  models  low  in  carbon  and  the  access  to sustainable energy;  and  the  promotion  of  habitability.

In addition, this action also involved the Climate Change Communication Network for Latin America (LatinClima),  which is a centre for training and climate information with hundreds  of  journalist  and  communicator  members  throughout the  region,  as well as other professionals involved in climate change issues. This network maintains alliances with numerous Latin American organisations and is a member of the regional network council of the  Earth  Journalism  Network  of  Internews  and also a member of the Climate Knowledge Network for Latin America, Clik Hub. 


As indicated below in the results, this action included the "Ibero-American Forum on Communication and Climate Change", which had the following objectives:

  • Contribute to dialogue, knowledge and exchange of experiences on the importance and role of the media as a key actor in climate action.
  • To promote the training of journalists and communicators in the Latin America area.
  • Share strategies, tools and best practices that contribute to communicating climate change effectively in the countries of the region.

This action was aimed at: 

  • Latin American journalists and communications professionals from sources and freelancers covering environment and climate change issues.
  • Technical teams, communicators, strategic partners (cooperation agencies and international organisations).

Results achieved


Regional forum

The "Ibero-American Forum on Communication and Climate Change" was held, an event that spanned three days of the forum. The first day was dedicated to a conservatory with registered journalists (more than 350 specialists) and the other two days focused on a conservatory between high-level panelists and journalists together with institutional communicators. Two days that brought together more than 300 specialists in journalism and institutional communication on climate change.


An infographic was generated that summarises the main interventions of the Forum's panellists and facilitators.


A journalistic article was developed that showed the main issues addressed by the panellists and trainers, and also presented the main reflections that were generated around the journalistic communication of climate change in the region.


First day of the forum

Discussion on climate ambition and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs


- Andrea Meza, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica

- Teresa Ribera Rodríguez, Third Vice-President of the Spanish Government and Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge

The talk was followed by an exchange workshop between journalists and experts to address communication trends and new formats. Presentations were made on: social networks and photojournalism linked to climate change.

9 September

10 September

Second day of the Forum

Conversation on climate action in Latin America and roadmap to COP26


- Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

- Carolina Schmidt, Minister of the Environment of Chile and President of COP25

The talk was followed by an exchange workshop between journalists and experts to discuss communication trends and new formats. The workshop focused on tools for narrating climate action: audiovisual production and podcasts. 

Delivery of systematisation

Delivery of the systematisation of the work process with registered journalists: Infographic

20 December

4 de enero, 2022


Publication of news in international media on the main results of the action



Partner Institutions

Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica

Ministry of Environment of Chile

Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge

Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (UNFCCC)




Communication challenges and opportunities in the run-up to COP26

The Ibero-American Forum on Communication and Climate Change is a space for the exchange of experiences and best practices to identify the challenges of journalistic coverage on this issue.
6 September 2021


Communicators from all Ibero-America exchanged challenges and opportunities for climate action

International authorities and representatives of the organising institutions highlighted the work of the press and communicators as key actors in influencing climate action.
11 September 2021



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