Events in the EUROCLIMA COP27 Pavilion

We present the events that have been selected, as well as the information of their organisers.


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Below is a list of the selected events and the organisers that have been selected to be presented in the EUROCLIMA+ Pavilion in the blue zone of the COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Some of these events will have a reserved space for their presentation while others will partner to present a merged event.

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We invite you to review all the press releases that were made for the different thematic days. In each note you will find links to interviews, streaming and photographs


We present below the list of the selected events and their organizers for the EUROCLIMA+ Pavilion at COP 27 of Sharm El Sheikh
Title Lead Organisation
Indigenous Peoples implement a new model of Deforestation-Free Indigenous Economy and Governance in the Peruvian Amazon Confederation of Amazonian Nationalities of Peru - CONAP
Ancestral Knowledge Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests
Challenges for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in REDD+ processes at the Jurisdictional level Global Committee on Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities of the GCF TASK FORCE. 
Finance for Nature-based Solution Finance for tomorrow
Forests and oceans as key biodiversity reservoirs: experiences and contributions from civil society to drive climate action in LAC Law, Environment and Natural Resources (DAR)
Promoting Ecosystem and Landscape Restoration, the Large Forest Initiative in the SICA region, contributing to reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience to Climate Change Central American Commission for Environment and Development. CCAD
Gender, NDC strategies and gender-responsive climate finance UNEP
LEDSinLAC 2021 - Towards resilient and low-emission development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Progress and integration of climate targets with broader national and sectoral planning frameworks LEDS LAC Platform
Mainstreaming the Gender Approach for the implementation of NDCs Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru
Gender equality as an indispensable axis for the just and sustainable transition International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Colombia's Gender and Climate Change Action Plan: an intersectional and territorial just transition approach in Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development / Colombian Development Strategy Low in Carbon, Adapted And Resilient
Just Transitions with a Gender and Human Rights Perspective: Principles and Experiences from Latin America and Europe Women Engage for a Common Future
Not without us!  - How to: gender just transition LIFE Education Equality Sustainability
Just energy transition in Pan-Amazonian cities ICLEI South America 
Just energy transition in Latin America: Ensuring energy security and equity from a climate justice perspective. NGO FIMA
Strategies to boost Green Hydrogen in Latin America and the Caribbean United Nations Environment Programme
From Green H2 to Action: Latin America and the Caribbean's solution for a secure and just energy transition in the green hydrogen economy LAC Green Hydrogen Action
 Advancing clean energy and its prosumers: distributed solar generation in Latin America and the Caribbean.  United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Is natural gas a good investment for LAC? The opportunities and risks in the energy transition. UNEP
Towards a Renewable Latin America: Common Challenges of the Energy Transition Ministry of Environment of Peru
The role of central banks in climate action Bank of Mexico
How Latin American and Caribbean banks are adapting to climate change United Nations Environmental Program - Finance Initative
Keys to securing the necessary funding for adaptation in Latin American and Caribbean cities UNEP
Overcoming barriers: financing climate adaptation in sub-national practice ICLEI South America 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Brazil Climate Centre
Latin American Parliament Protagonists: mobilising climate finance Presidency of the Environment Commission of the Senate of Brazil
The Escazú agreement: opportunities for advancing inclusive, informed and participatory climate action in Latin America and the Caribbean  EarthRights International
The Escazú Agreement - an innovative instrument to ensure civic participation in the protection of the environment/The Escazú Agreement - an innovative instrument to ensure civic participation in the protection of the environment  Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Regional Project on socio-ecological Transformation in Latin America
Perspectives on the Escazú Agreement and the rights of nature in the Andean Region, in the context of the climate crisis: on environmental defenders and the preservation of rivers in Peru and Colombia. Biosphere  Futures Research
AmbitionCOP: a platform for climate empowerment of the Hispanic community  Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES)
Eco-social education for climate empowerment FUHEM
Environmental education as a tool for the transformation of climate action United Nations Children's Fund
Actions for climate empowerment: Youth experiences and public policies at regional level. CLIMALAB
Citizen empowerment for the design of climate innovation projects developed in 4 Latin American countries (Peru, Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic) Redesign Lab
Progress on Climate Empowerment Strategies in the Latin American Region MMA
Making ACE a reality: the use of national surveys to accelerate ACE implementation in the Dominican Republic (Government and UNDP). National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (Government)
Democratising climate action for a just socio-ecological transition: Strengthening ACE in Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development / Colombian Low Carbon, Adapted and Resilient Development Strategy 
Building Resilience to Floods and Droughts in Central America Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD)
Progress, perspectives and challenges of the implementation of Early Warning Systems in the framework of the NDCs in Latin America Peruvian Ministry of the Environment
Progress in the implementation of the damage and loss agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean Ministry of Environment of Uruguay, Fundación FIIAP
Incentives for conservation, a community strategy to guarantee the territory's ecosystem services  Governorate of Cundinamarca, Republic of Colombia
Strengthening risk management as an action for WATER conservation from the intermediate levels of territorial planning UN-Habitat
Drinking water systems built with climate change adaptation criteria: the case of the parishes of Cuyuja and Papallacta, Napo - Ecuador MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, WATER AND ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION
Integrated water resources management from spatial planning in cities UN-Habitat
Climate Risks in the Central Region of Panama (Panama Canal Basin). Water as an Element and Resource in Logistics, Human Consumption and Energy. Ministry of Environment of Panama
Strategic alliances and actions for water security in Central America UNEP
Circularity Gap Report for Latin America and the Caribbean: establishing a regional baseline for the circular economy  Circular Economy Coalition for Latin America and the Caribbean
Potential of the circular economy to contribute to climate action: Case studies of Latin American and Caribbean countries Circular Economy Office, Ministry of Environment of Chile
Can electric vehicles be part of a circular economy?  United Nations Environment Programme
Opportunities for the Circular Economy in the Transport Sector Sustentar Association
How can Latin American and the Caribbean nations better integrate the circular economy into national climate policies and plans? Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)
Climate initiatives to finance climate action and the SDGs ECLAC, ESCAP, ESCWA, ECA, UNECE  
Strategic sectors for moving towards a greener and more just transition in Latin America and the Caribbean ECLAC, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, OECD AND CAF
Planning decarbonisation strategies in Latin America, their alignment with the NDCs, inclusion of adaptation (resilience) and financing strategies FIIAPP Foundation
Progress and challenges of the inclusion of indigenous peoples in climate policies in the region, in the framework of the Paris Agreement Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO)
Youth Climate Ambassadors for Latin America: bringing action for climate empowerment to international negotiations DG INTPA
Results of the Regional Meeting "Climate Change and Gender Equality: For climate action with a gender perspective in Latin America and the Caribbean" Ministry of Environment of Chile



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