Women leaders of social organisations toured the Integral Water Route - Yakuq Ñan in Peru

Women leaders from organisations in Abancay toured the integral water route, to recognise the actions carried out by the EUROCLIMA+ Water for Abancay Urban Water project.

Abancay, Peru. 3 August 2022. The EUROCLIMA+ Water for Abancay and Communities project of the European Union, which is implemented in the framework of the Agreement between the French Development Agency - AFD, SUNASS Peru as national leader, and HELVETAS Peru as project executor, and has as local partners the EPS EMUSAP Abancay and the NGO CEDES Apurímac, convened women leaders of the social organisations of Abancay, at the integral water route, called "Yaquk Ñan", under the slogan "We are all water".

The activity, which is part of the "Contest of Best Practices for the Efficient and Responsible Use of Water for Human Consumption in Peri-urban Neighbourhoods of the City of Abancay", took place on Friday 22 July 2022, with the aim of showing the actions carried out in the area of intervention of the Mechanism of Remuneration for Ecosystemic Hydrological Services MERESEH, as a process for strengthening water governance. It also aimed to learn about the progress of green infrastructure actions in the headwaters of the Mariño micro-basin.


The Integral Water Route that the leaders travelled started in the water recharge area of Rontoccocha, then they travelled along the adduction line to the Potable Water Treatment Plant PTAP in Puruchaca - Atumpata, where they received information about the purification processes of water for human consumption. They toured the pipeline to the reservoirs and the distribution network in the city of Abancay; and finally, they visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant PTAR in Illanya and the discharge point located in Pachachaca.

During the tour, facilitators from the EUROCLIMA+ Water for Abancay and Communities Project, and EMUSAP ABANCAY, provided information on the implementation of actions for conservation, recovery and sustainable use of ecosystem services. They also provided details related to drinking water and sanitary sewerage services.

At the end of the journey, all the participants expressed their pleasure with the experience on learning about the actions of planting and harvesting water, the processes for human consumption and agricultural use, and the final disposition of wastewater. In this way, they understood the value of the services and integrality of water governance.


Participating in the tour were the presidents of the communities of Micaela Bastidas and Atumpata; leaders of women's organisations of the Glass of Milk Programme, Mothers' Club and popular eateries of the following neighbourhoods: Virgen del Rosario, Micaela Bastidas, Los Naranjales, San José. Also present were representatives of the organising committee of the competition made up of SUNASS, EPS EMUSAP ABANCAY S.A., EUROCLIMA+ Project Water for Abancay and Communities, Provincial Municipality of Abancay, FEMURA and Red Interquorum Apurímac.

The Water for Abancay and Communities project is part of the Urban Water sector of EUROCLIMA+, which is implemented by AFD and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation - AECID. To learn more about the sector, click here.

EUROCLIMA+ sector Water management with an urban resilience perspective

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