From Peru, an international event on water and urban resilience

On 7 July 2022, EUROCLIMA's Water for Abancay Urban Water project is organising a webinar on water management and urban resilience,based on three success stories in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru.

22 June 2022. Abancay, Peru. With an international virtual meeting called 'Water Management and Urban Resilience', the EUROCLIMA Urban Water project Water for Abancay and its Communities, implemented in Abancay, Peru, will share strategies, actions and interventions for greater water security.

The event, which will be held via zoom with prior registration, seeks to characterise the conditions for building urban resilience in the face of climate risks that impact urban and rural water security. It also aims to demonstrate the lessons learned and progress made in building urban resilience with a territorial approach to risks such as droughts, floods, and others that mainly affect water security.

The project's integrated water management development model in the Mariño micro-basin is being promoted for replication in medium-sized cities. Through knowledge management and South-South cooperation, it seeks to share strategies, actions and interventions for greater water security. The project model is built on the basis of the articulation between supply, demand and governance, three key factors that give an integral character to the project in the framework of a territorial dynamic.

They will also be joined by representatives of the ASADAS Resilientes project, which is also part of the EUROCLIMA Urban Water sector, implemented in Costa Rica and which aims to strengthen the capacities of 60 Community Water Associations to become more resilient to climate change, and who will share their experience in working towards greater water security and integrated management of water resources.

The webinar on Water Management and Urban Resilience is part of the cycle of virtual events, called Dialogues between Science and Policy, in a context of climate change and increasing changes in the territory of the Mariño Micro-basin.

Working on urban and rural resilience to climate change risks has a direct repercussion on water security in Andean micro-watersheds such as Mariño. The issue of urban resilience is quite broad and comprehensive, which is why the project focuses on the generation of urban and rural resilience strategies (territorial approach) in confronting climate change.

The webinar will be attended by representatives of the National Superintendence of Water and Sanitation Services (SUNASS Peru); the Peruvian Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS); and the Citizen Service Centre of the MVCS of Apurimac; representatives of the project, which is executed by HELVETAS Peru and implemented by the French Development Agency - AFD; the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service of Peru (SENAMHI); the Technological University of the Andes of Apurimac UTEA; the National University Micaela Bastidas and the EPS Emusap Abancay.

Event Registration

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 7 July, from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Peru time).

You can register at this link to receive access:

About Water for Abancay and the Communities

The Water for Abancay and Communities project aims to increase local capacities for resilient water use and management, through a sustainable mechanism of investment in natural infrastructure, optimised and resilient water demand, a consolidated multi-stakeholder governance structure and by generating replicable learning in other cities in the country.

The Water for Abancay and Communities project is funded by EUROCLIMA+, through the French Development Agency - AFD, with SUNASS as national lead and implemented by Helvetas Peru in partnership with the Municipal Water and Sanitation Company (EMUSAP Abancay) and the NGO Social Development and Studies Centre (CEDES Apurímac).