EUROCLIMA + supports the activities of the project Generation of Climate Change Scenarios in Central America: Honduras and El Salvador.

Between February 25 and March 1, within the framework of the Climate Governance component of the EUROCLIMA+ Programme,  FIIAPP  as the lead agency of the component, supports the development of several activities associated with the project “Generation of Regionalised Climate Change Scenarios for Central America”, which aims to provide climate scenarios to the Central American region with resolution adequate for the planning and preparation of adaptation measures following a common methodology. These activities are:

Workshops of Users of Climate Change Scenarios of Honduras (February 25) and El Salvador (February 28). The objective of these workshops is to dialogue with the different sectors prioritised in both countries in relation to the topic of adaptation to climate change, so that they know the project and the expected results and gather information on their specific needs so that the products obtained are useful in planning their adaptation measures. To carry out these workshops, an expert from the State Meteorological Agency of Spain (AEMET) has been deployed and the countries' climate change offices have convened key actors in different sectors.

Course on CORDEX data extraction and use (February 25 - March 1). The objective of the course, aimed primarily at technicians of the National Meteorological Services of the countries of Central America with responsibilities for the production of climate change scenarios, is to show the different tools and existing procedures for the extraction and use of data from dynamically regionalised climate projections and made available to the public by the CORDEX project. The course is eminently practical and participants will generate examples of extreme indices for their respective countries. To carry out this course, 3 experts have been sent from AEMET.

The workshop is aimed at meteorological services of the Central American countries, climate change directorates and offices of Honduras and El Salvador, and institutions of the priority sectors for adaptation in Honduras and El Salvador.

The EUROCLIMA+ Programme, funded by the European Union, aims to promote environmentally sustainable development in 18 Latin American countries, particularly for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations. EUROCLIMA+ also provides technical and financial support for the development and application of climate change adaptation and mitigation policies. The implementing agencies that are part of the Climate Governance component of the EUROCLIMA+ Programme are FIIAPPGIZECLAC y UN Environment.

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