1.What do we do in Climate Governance?

The Component accompanies the Latin American countries according to their needs, seeking to promote political dialogue, knowledge exchange and management, capacity building and the promotion of education and awareness raising about climate change.
According to the topics of greatest interest in the region, taking into account the context and the main climate change challenges to confront, the component focuses on the implementation of NDCs, climate services, climate financing, education, communication, participation in climate issues and the importance of gender in climate policies.

2.Who are the participants?
3.What services do we provide?
4.What are our tools?
5.With whom do I communicate for more information?


Climate governance


Oficina FIIAPP:
Beatriz de Bobadilla, 18 – 28040 Madrid

Oficina GIZ:
Rue Archimède 61, 1000 Bruselas, Bélgica

Oficina CEPAL:
Av. Dag Hammarskjöld 3477, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile

Oficina ONU Medio Ambiente:
Edificio 103, Ave. Morse, Ciudad del Saber, Clayton, Rep. de Panamá


+34 91 591 29 98

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ONU Medio Ambiente:
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