Indigenous peoples strengthen their agri-food and coastal marine production systems

14 December, Guatemala - Indigenous peoples of Guatemala and Panama successfully close the project "Strengthening of Indigenous Sustainable Food Production Systems, as resilient measures

to Climate Change in Central America", funded by the EUROCLIMA+ programme of the European Union (EU) in the Resilient Food Production sector, as a resilient measure to climate change, implemented in Guatemala by the Sotz'il Association and by the Foundation for the Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge FPCI in Panama, with the beneficiaries being the peoples of the Maya Kaqchikel, Garífuna of Guatemala and Guna of Panama, in the regions of the Kaqchikel volcanic chain and the Guna Yala, said Angélica Sitavi President Sotz'il.

The project focused on food security, traditional knowledge and climate change, its main objective was to strengthen the capacities of farmers and fishers to improve their indigenous, agricultural and protein production systems, making them more sustainable and resilient to climate change, and to contribute to the NDCs in national agricultural, coastal-marine and adaptation policies in Guatemala and Panama.

The closing event was held on 14 December, when the Mayan calendar marked the Waqxaqi' Ajpu, a framework that allowed the presentation of the results obtained during the implementation of the project, presenting the successful experiences of the best practices of the beneficiary communities in terms of food sovereignty and climate change, while also discussing the challenges, perspectives and future actions of the Project.


Raquel Siguenza (IUCN) Claudia Barillas (European Union) Fredy Chiroy (Vice-Minister of Climate Change, MARN-Guatemala), Dolores de Jesus Cabnal (MICCG), Jacobo Ovalle, (Ancestral Brotherhood and the Indigenous Poaquil Mayor's Office) 

The activity was attended by technicians and beneficiary communities, who stated that the project contributed to the food security of their communities and their families.

On behalf of the Government of Guatemala, the event was attended by Mr. Fredy Chiroy, Vice-Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, who said that the project served to mitigate the effects of climate change, since Guatemala is located among the most vulnerable places, expressing that the Government is willing to continue supporting the international community and to join efforts to work in communities that are strongly affected by the effects of climate change, since we are a country that depends on agriculture and it is important to work on the food security of Guatemalans.

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Ramiro Batzin, (Project Director), Angélica Sitavi (President of the Asociación Sotz'il)

 Pilar Román from EUROCLIMA, who participated virtually, spoke about the importance of the project in climate change mitigation, highlighting that the project is focused on improving indigenous agricultural systems, making them resilient to climate change based on ancestral knowledge, with a focus on gender and community participation.

The event was also attended by Claudia Barrillas of the European Union, Edanadeliz Flores from the Ministry of Environment Panama, and Raquel Sigüenza of the IUCN.

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