EUROCLIMA+ green solutions for Latin America

May 4 to 7 May, several countries. For four consecutive days, the EUROCLIMA+ Green Solutions for Latin America virtual meeting took place, with the aim of presenting the first EUROCLIMA+ "green"

solutions developed by the project executing teams and exploring the possibilities of scaling up, replicating, and integrating them into public policies in the Programme's beneficiary countries. The event was attended by 150 participants from 15 countries, key actors of the EUROCLIMA+ programme.

EUROCLIMA+ Green Solutions are the product of systematisation in the sectors Resilient Food Production (RFP) and Forests, Biodiversity and Ecosystems (FBE), of results, best practices and lessons learned that are scalable and replicable in other contexts, and have the potential to contribute to the green recovery of countries.

Development of the event

During the four days of the meeting, the participants learned about the first EUROCLIMA+ green solutions developed to date. In addition, they were able to gather information on those that have been of greatest interest to them and to investigate, in working groups with similar demands, which aspects need to be further developed to achieve an adaptation to their working environment.

The starting point was the presentation, in the voice of its protagonists, the project implementation teams, of the first 18 green solutions, organised around six main themes: Territorial Governance, Indigenous Knowledge, Adaptation based on vulnerability variables, Nature-based Solutions, Virtual Cooperation and Information Systems.

Afterwards, different spaces for dialogue and reflection were opened for the development of concrete strategies for action, as a result of which new challenges and new ideas emerged on issues related, among others, to the articulation of networks between actors beyond the event, the promotion of indigenous participation in climate governance or the search for climate financing.

    APROBADO boceto agenda euroclima 2021 v3 03                          The agenda of the event        


The meeting was attended by different key actors of the EUROCLIMA+ programme such as representatives of public institutions of the agricultural sector of the countries, project implementers, representatives of the European Commission (EC) and representatives of the implementing agencies.

The meeting was closed by a panel of high-level experts from the Programme including the implementing agencies and the European Commission.

EUROCLIMA+ green solutions

The EUROCLIMA+ Green Solutions are the product of the systematisation of results, best practices and lessons learned from the 19 green sector projects that integrate actions in the areas of Resilient Food Production and Forests, Biodiversity and Ecosystems. These initiatives are scalable and replicable in other contexts, and they have the potential to contribute to the green recovery of countries and accelerate the implementation of their NDCs.

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In order to make this knowledge visible so that it can be used for future actions in the framework of the EUROCLIMA Programme, the technical teams of EF and GIZ have joined forces with the project executing teams to systematise it. This systematisation of results, lessons learned and best practices that can be replicated and scaled up in different contexts was presented at the meeting as the EUROCLIMA+ Green Solutions.

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