Local innovators of Jesús de Machaca and Caquiaviri were trained in the Management and Control of the Cañahua Moth.

In this workshop, each of the Best Resilient Agricultural Practices (BPARs) were addressed, which will be implemented and replicated in their communities.

Central America, November 25, In the facilities of the Kiphakiphani Research Centre, on 25 November 2020, starting at 10 am, a training workshop was held for Local Innovators on the management and control of the Cañahua moth, where each of the Best Resilient Agricultural Practices (BPARs) were addressed, these will be implemented and replicated in their communities. The event was organised by the PROINPA Foundation, Promotion and Research of Andean Products, under the framework of the project "Resilient Production, Marketing and Consumption of Cañahua and Tarwi" financed by EUROCLIMA+ of the European Union, which was attended by 17 Local Innovators (5 women and 12 men) from the municipalities: Jesús de Machaca, Ingavi and Caquiaviri province, and Pacajes province, both located in the department of La Paz.

The Local Innovators were welcomed by Dr. Alejandro Bonifacio, Head of the Kiphakiphani Centre (PROINPA), who said: "Welcome, may what you have planned be useful, talk, exchange and make the course on Cañuahua a success". During the training, the following topics were addressed: climate change and resilience, the moth life cycle, use of pheromones in moth control, moth control alternatives, and making traps with pet bottles. The work strategy was also shared, and materials and worksheets were handed out to each of the participants.

Local innovators from Jesús de Machaca and Caquiaviri address essential aspects of Cañahua moth management and control.

The training workshop for Local Innovators was developed and facilitated by Engineers Franz Callizaya and Reinaldo Quispe, specialists in Entomology at PROINPA.


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                                                                                          Local Innovators learn about the use of traps with pheromones



Adrián Aspi Local Innovator of Jesús de Machaca, “We are bringing together the Local Innovators, as we must take on and transmit this very strong challenge, because we are also going to transfer this knowledge and the technologies to the community; many will accept us and others will not, but we must start working".

Juan Peñasco Tito Local Innovator Local of San Pedro de Tana"Today we have come here to expand our knowledge in a very interesting course that will help us control the Cañahua moth, this is very attractive because we must use natural control. I represent three communities of the Ayllu.... I would also like to thank the institutions that have supported us with blower machines that will help us improve Cañahua production".

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