Implementation of a shared
Bicycle and assisted pedalling
System in Ibagué, Colombia

Implemented by

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Implement a system of bicycle sharing with assisted pedalling in the city of Ibagué, including strategic planning to ensure the sustainability of the initiative. This will promote an increase in the use of this means of transport for the resident and circulating population of the city centre

Challenges in the city

  • Mobility is the second most polluting sector in Ibagué, with 32% of total CO2 emissions
  • Only 2% of the population gets around by bicycle
  • The city has 22 kilometres of cycling infrastructure and a public bicycle system with a single station and 20 units, from which an average of 16 journeys are made per day
  • Bicycle prices skyrocketed due to the health emergency and delivery time tripled


Ibagué, Colombia



Pilot Projects


Overall Project Amount


Implementation period

August 2018 - December 2020

Project phases



Technical, legal, and financial structuring for project implementation


Purchase of stations and bicycles, both conventional and electric, through a public tender process

Business Model

Generation of a business plan that contemplates how charging and resource generation will work for the sustainability of the bicycle system

Communication Plan

Strategic communication and media plan with the aim of increasing the number of users in the bicycle system

Staff Training

Strengthening the capacities of staff linked to the project

Operation and monitoring

Testing and operation with an analysis of test results, maintenance, expansion, and renovation of the system

Expected results


Pilot bike sharing system

Construction and operation of a system for shared use bicycles with assisted pedalling with parking stations on a site no larger than 10 km2 in the city centre

Model for planning and business

Develop a strategic planning document that ensures the sustainability of the initiative and a business model that combines public and private sector involvement and financing

Citizen empowerment

Generate installed capacity in citizens through the development of a decision-making body that empowers them and links them to academia and mayoral bodies

Governmental strengthening

Improve the capacities of the mayor's staff involved in the project by linking them to the private sector and other experiences through the Community of Practice

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Tools and resources

Project poster

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 César Fabian Yáñez                                             

Secretary of Mobility                          

Municipality of Ibagué



Daniel Guillermo Jaramillo          

Institute of Financing, Promotion and Development of Ibagué



Laura Victoria Urrego                 

Institute of Financing, Promotion and Development of Ibagué



Main applicant

Ibagué Mayor’s Office

Logo Ibague  


Implementing institution

INFIbagué - Institute of Financing, Promotion and Development of Ibagué

Decentralised institute acting as executor of the grant agreement





  • Mobility Panel chaired by the Mayor
  • Public Bicycle System Committee
  • La Estación Shopping Centre: bike sharing operator in the city of Ibagué
  • Enertolima (public utility company in Tolima): shared biking operator in the city of Ibagué
  • Better by bike: logistical operation of bike-sharing stations
  • Chamber of Commerce of Ibagué and Fenalco: representatives of the commercial sector
  • Municipal Institute for Sport and Recreation of Ibagué
  • Universities and educational centres

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