Promotion and development of
urban cycling in Montes de Oca
and Curridabat, Costa Rica

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giz mu


To improve the conditions for the mobility and accessibility of urban cyclists in the cantons of Curridabat and Montes de Oca by developing participatory and educational processes, in which a process of data collection and systematisation is generated with cycling communities in the study area

Challenges in the region

  • The design of the Greater Metropolitan Area is oriented towards private motorised vehicles: the fleet is growing by 5% a year and occupies 35.7% of the modal split
  • Lack of cycling infrastructure and clear policies for road safety and behaviour, which makes cyclists vulnerable
  • Curridabat and Montes de Oca share roads that are their main mobility corridors; however, they are inefficient in consolidating accessible and well-connected territories
  • Disaggregated information on transport demand is required for these cantons


Curridabat and Montes de Oca, Costa Rica



Pilot projects


Overall Project Amount


Implementation period

November 2019 - April 2021


Project phases


Information gathering

To strengthen the urban cycling capacities of the population in the cantons of Montes de Oca and Curridabat and to collect information on cycling infrastructure needs in a participatory manner


Identify the infrastructure needs of people who use bicycles as a means of transport, prioritised on the basis of data collected, technical criteria, and participation


Designing and building the infrastructure in the cantons of Montes de Oca and Curridabat


Systematise and disseminate experiences and lessons learned during project implementation

Expected results


Establishing infrastructure

Priority infrastructure for urban cycling built based on data collected, technical and participatory criteria

Scaling-up experience

Experience and lessons learned systematised and disseminated, to promote the development of similar and complementary projects in other cantons of the Greater Metropolitan Area

Strengthening capacities

Population of the cantons of Curridabat and Montes de Oca sensitised about better urban cycling capacities

Latest related news



Montes de Oca inaugurates first stage of cycling lane to promote urban cycling

February 4, 2020

The first 4 kilometres of cycling infrastructure are part of the EUROCLIMA+ project.


Montes de Oca begins construction of cycling infrastructure 

November 18, 2020

With the support of EUROCLIMA+ and GIZ Costa Rica, the municipality seeks to improve mobility and accessibility for urban cyclists. 


Curridabat submits a proposal for a cycling infrastructure network

October 22, 2020

With the support of EUROCLIMA+, the Costa Rican city will promote urban cycling by building cycle-infrastructure.


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Irene Murillo             

Executive Director        



Gustavo Mora


Municipality of Curridabat


Huberth Mendez 


Municipality of Curridabat

Ximena González     

Municipality of Curridabat


Ana Lucía González              

Municipality of Montes de Oca


Main applicant

Municipality of Curridabat

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Municipality of Montes de Oca

Logo Montes de Oca

Centre for Environmental Law and Natural Resources - CEDARENA





  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport

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