NDC implementation in COP24

We need more ambition in our climate action!

COP24 Side event

NDC Partnership Pavilion, room E, number 22
Saturday 8 December, 2018
9:00 - 10:15 hrs, Katowice, Poland


What is it working in Latin America, especially in terms of NDC implementation?

We will discuss opportunities to increase ambition and climate action in the region drawing from the experience of the EUROCLIMA+ Program and organizations working at the regional level (CEPAL, LEDSLAC, NDC Partnership and Fundación Avina), as well as from the direct national experience of two countries: Colombia and Costa Rica:

  • What capacities do we need?
  • What do decision makers know about the consequences and co-benefits of climate action on social and economic development?
  • Are we aware of the potential impacts of non-acting (or fo an insufficient action) in terms of mitigation and adaptation?