Plan for Strengthening
Sustainable Mobility in the
City of Antofagasta

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Antofagasta's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) will bring together all the city's existing initiatives and plans, as well as incorporating new initiatives giving them a common vision and objectives for more sustainable mobility focused on people's well-being

Challenges in the region

  • 21% of CO2 emissions come from land transport; current mobility plans do not contain criteria for their reduction
  • Public transport and active mobility are not prioritised over private transport, which generates 47% of CO2 emissions
  • Current mobility does not have a gender perspective that would allow a more equitable city


Antofagasta, Chile.


Local level plans (SUMP)

Overall Project Amount


Period of implementation

October 2018 - First quarter of 2021

Project phases


Installation and pre-diagnostic

Deepen trust between actors involved in mobility planning, by defining activities, milestones, and responsibilities for the SUMP

Analysis and diagnostic

Detailed analysis of the current mobility situation, identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to mobility in the city

Vision, objectives, and targets

Joint definition among citizens, public and private sectors of the development scenarios, and objectives of the SUMP, as well as its indicators and targets for monitoring implementation

Measurements and Financing

Compilation of measurements to be grouped into integrated measurement packages to facilitate the achievement of targets and objectives. Definition of a financing strategy for appropriate implementation

Pre-implementation and monitoring

Mechanism for Monitoring, Reporting and Validation of measures to assess impact and rectify them when necessary.

Expected results


Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of Antofagasta formulated and approved

Improving institutional capacities

Institutional capacity building and citizen empowerment for sustainable urban mobility

Mobility Observatory

Implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Observatory in Antofagasta

Latest related news


Antofagasta projects its mobility scenarios for the next 15 years

October 16, 2020

A workshop was held on the definition of scenarios and diagnostic citizen surveys and scenarios were carried out.


Antofagasta Mobility Plan concludes the diagnostic phase with a virtual workshop

July 13, 2020

The Diagnostic Workshop generated a multi-sectoral discussion on the challenges of mobility planning in the city


Antofagasta includes citizens in its Mobility Plan with an online portal

June 26, 2020

The portal has the dual objective of disseminating the development process of the Plan and integrating the city's inhabitants into its decision-making


Tools and resources

Project poster

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Inventory and Evaluation Final Report (Status Quo Analysis)

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02Equipo SUMP Antofagasta


Hugo Pizarro

Head of project
Antofagasta Regional Government


Rodolfo Ugarte

Antofagasta Regional Government


Mauricio Zamorano

Antofagasta Regional Government


Main applicant

Municipality of Antofagasta

Municipalidad Antofagasta


Antofagasta Regional Government

Logo GORE Antofagasta 

SECTRA Northern Zone, Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications



CREO Antofagasta

CREO Antofagasta 


  • Regional Ministerial Secretariat for Housing and Urban Development of Antofagasta (SEREMI Housing Antofagasta)
  • Regional Ministerial Secretariat for the Environment of Antofagasta (SEREMI Environment Antofagasta)
  • Regional Ministerial Secretariat for Transport and Telecommunications of Antofagasta (SEREMITT Antofagasta).
  • Regional Ministerial Secretariat for Energy of Antofagasta (SEREMI Energy Antofagasta)
  • National Service for Women and Gender Equality of Antofagasta (SENARMEG Antofagasta)

The project has a page for disseminating the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) process to the citizens and integrate them in its decision-making. Visit it!

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