Updating the Transport
and Mobility Master Plan
for Ambato

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Update Ambato's Transport and Mobility Master Plan to incorporate a comprehensive urban planning approach, including multimodal and mobility improvement measures, covering all aspects of mobility and focusing on the balanced and integrated development of other means of transport

Challenges in the region

  • The private vehicle is the main mode of transport in Ambato, used by 40% of the population
  • Vehicle growth is faster than that of the population, with 180 cars per thousand inhabitants, while the national rate is 133 cars per thousand inhabitants
  • Current mobility planning must be integrated into urban planning and Ecuador's National Urban Mobility Policy, now under construction with support from EUROCLIMA+


Ambato, Ecuador



Local Plans (SUMP)


Overall Project Amount


Implementation period

Enero 2019 -  junio 2021

Project phases



Preparation and analysis of the mobility prospectus, generating probable scenarios


Data collection system and mobility management in the city


Long-term vision of Ambato's mobility with intermediate goals and measures

Validation and implementation

Validation of the plan and constant measurement of the most relevant aspects of mobility and the implementation of measures

Expected results



A long-term vision for the mobility of the city that includes the perspective of all stakeholders and their issues and therefore aims at achieving accessibility and inclusion for vulnerable and priority groups


The planning and management of transport with other axes of urban planning such as land use and environmental management, to achieve an appropriate management of mobility that generates improvements in quality of life


Towards measures to promote non-motorised modes of transport, improve public transport and its coverage, and intermodality in order to meet the mobility needs of all population groups in the city and to curb the excessive growth of private vehicle use

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SUMPs y COVID-19, planificando en tiempos de incertidumbre

Ambato presents the development of its SUMP in the context of COVID-19

November 23, 2020

The city presented progress on its Mobility Plan at the seminar "SUMPs and COVID-19, planning in uncertain times".


Latin American cities share learning on sustainable mobility plans

September 02, 2020

More than 70 authorities from 23 cities are participating in the SUMP Learning Programme for Latin America


Ambato transforms the emergence of COVID-19 into an opportunity for sustainable mobility

August 13, 2020

In collaboration with EUROCLIMA+, the Ecuadorian city is planning for long-term sustainable mobility.


Tools and resources

Project poster

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Equipo 1 SUMP Ambato copy

Christian Zúñiga

Technical Secretary for Strategic Development  

GAD Ambato


Carlos Guerrero

Director of Transit, Transport and Mobility

GAD Ambato


Diana García 

Director of Environmental Management and Control

GAD Ambato

Equipo 2 SUMP Ambato copy 2

 Trajano Sánchez

Director of Territorial

GAD Ambato


Julio Rodríguez

Director of Planning

GAD Ambato 


Main applicant

Municipal Decentralised Autonomous Government of Ambato

Logo GAD Ambato




  • Ministry of Transport and Public Works
  • Non-governmental actors (transporters, collectives, cyclists, chambers of industry and commerce, groups for priority attention)
  • Academia (Technical University of Ambato, the Economic and Social Observatory of Tungurahua, and the Indoamerica Technological University)


The project has a page for disseminating the process of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan to the citizens and to integrate them in decision making for the plan. Visit it!

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