Movilidad y autobuses en Córdoba, Argentina

Updating and development of a Sustainable
Urban Mobility Plan in Córdoba

and Comprehensive study and strategies to
implement for the
transformation of the central area

Implemented by

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Update the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, influencing institutions and the community, in order to promote sustainable mobility, reduce GHGs, and effectively establish this project within a municipal state policy

To diagnose and model the current mobility scenario in the central area of the city of Cordoba, in order to generate indicators that allow key strategies to be defined, improving equity in the use of public space and estimating the potential measures to be implemented as a complement to the SUMP in Cordoba

Challenges in the region

  • To comprehensively and articulately address the functional, social and environmental impacts that Córdoba causes and receives
  • Overcoming the limits of the urban reality by thinking about a metropolitan city
  • Analyse the new realities


Córdoba, Argentina



Local level Plane (SUMP)
Pilot Project


Overall Project Amount


Implementation period

2021  -   present

Project phases


Diagnostic and evaluation

Of the urban mobility situation in Córdoba, Argentina

Vision and objectives

Definition of a vision, strategic objectives, and scenario building

Action Plan

Including budget and financing

Approach and participatory process

Institutional Support and Mobility Pact


Monitoring, reporting and accompaniment of implementation

Expected results


Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Córdoba

This involves a wide range of mobility and urban planning actors and will guide the development of an integrated public transport network

Study of the central area of Córdoba

Pilot project to improve traffic management and road safety measures and reduce congestion. Improvement of infrastructure for pedestrians and non-motorised vehicles. Selection of priority corridors for mass transit of passengers

Technical Guides

Strategies to reduce the effects of climate change and GHG emissions, and the consumption of renewable energies for the implementation of the plan

Latest related news


Cities share learning about sustainable mobility plans

September 02, 2020

More than 70 authorities from 23 cities are participating in the SUMP Learning Programme for Latin America.


The European Union and AFD are supporting Córdoba to drive its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

September 23, 2019

 A cooperation agreement was signed to build people-oriented transport that contributes to climate change mitigation.


Argentina makes progress on drafting its National Electricity Mobility Strategy

August 13, 2019

An intersectional dialogue was held in which the EUROCLIMA+ team participated.


Tools and resources

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- Micaela Favaro Leuci, expert in sustainable urban mobility.

Coordination of data-intensive projects

Secretariat of Economy and Finance

Permanent Mobility Team of the Municipality of Cordoba - PMT

- Traffic Engineering Dept. (Sec. of Metropolitan Development):

o Rinaldo Rigazio

o Lucía Bordese

o Ignacio Assadourian

o María Ibáñez

- Dept. of Studies and Planning (Sec. of Transportation):

o Juan Martínez

o Romina Mallotti

o Marcos Gómez

At the same time, the project is supported by more than 10 municipal secretariats, the provincial government's transport secretariat, universities, public-private entities and civil society actors and representatives








Municipality of Córdoba

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