Promotion of Electric Urban
in Uruguay

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Strengthen capacities in sustainable urban mobility planning and lay the foundations for a National Programme for the Promotion of Electric Urban Mobility through a nationwide programme that includes the development of technical, regulatory, and financial instruments

Challenges in the region

  • The transport sector generates 58% of Uruguay's CO2 emissions, the second largest amount in terms of energy consumption and the largest in terms of fossil fuel consumption
  • An increase in the private vehicle fleet, (44% of households have a car and 30% have a motorbike) generating a reduction in the demand for public transport
  • While there are public policies that favour sustainable mobility, there is no strategic process at the national level to coordinate efforts
  • Favourable conditions for electromobility: 98% of the energy grid in Uruguay is renewable, there are 55 electric taxis in Montevideo and the first electric route in Latin America with 50 charging stations throughout the country





National-level Plans (NUMP)


Overall Project Amount


Implementation period

October 2018 -  2020

Project phases



Institutional agreements. Planning of activities

Analysis of the Status Quo

Inventory and evaluation of the urban mobility situation in the country, complemented by workshops in five cities in order to obtain a perceptual diagnosis of mobility at a local scale (outside Montevideo)

Vision, objectives, and measurements

Development of the participatory phase of policy definition, design of the capacity building programme. Financing mechanism for Electric Mobility, development of national technical guidelines

Detailed design

Priority measures, pilot application of technical guides, presentation of results, evaluation and future projection, development of the Road Map and institutional design for the implementation of the Policy

Expected results


National Programme for the Promotion of Electric Mobility

Financial tools and mechanisms to promote public and private investment in electric vehicles

Eight national workshops

In at least five cities with public and private actors to build different project strategies: benefits, identification of needs, opportunities and presentation of results and feedback on electromobility

Technical guides for mobility

Development of a Technical Guide to incorporate Sustainable Urban Mobility criteria into urban territorial planning and a Technical Guide for urban electric mobility planning. It includes two pilot exercises for application at the urban level

Design of regulatory instruments

Design of regulatory instruments and standards for electric vehicles in the urban environment

Training programmes

Development of a capacity building programme for public and private actors

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Tools and resources

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Equipo NUMP 1

Antonella Tambasco


Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining


Ignacio Simón

Project Movés                    

Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining


Beatriz Olivet                

National Directorate of Energy         

Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining

Equipo NUMP Uruguay 2

Valentina Vincent                                  

Project Movés            

Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining  


Paola Visca                                         

NUMP Coordinator            

Ministry of environment



Main applicant

Ministry of environment

logo ministerio ambiente uy


Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning  – Division of Climate Change

MVOTMA Uruguay



  • Ministry of Transport and Public Works
  • Ministry of Economics and Finance
  • Departmental Governments
  • National Administration of Power Plants and Electrical Transmissions (UTE)
  • National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Administration (ANCAP)

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