National Sustainable Mobility
Strategy and Programme for
Climate Change Mitigation and
Adaptation in Chile

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To support Chile's international commitments in the transport sector by generating a National Sustainable Mobility Strategy with intersectoral lines of action and a National Urban Mobility Programme to finance regional sustainable mobility initiatives

Challenges in the region

  • Transport is the activity with the second highest emissions in Chile, with GHG emissions at 30.9%
  • In the last 10 years, private transport has grown by up to 7.3% in Chile's regions; public transport and active mobility have decreased by up to 5%.
  • Due to its geographical conditions, the country has an unbalanced demographic distribution: 83% of the population lives in eight of the 16 regions and 40% lives in the metropolitan region
  • This leads to a variation of cities with diverse challenges in terms of mobility and access to opportunities and different government capacities for dealing with these problems





National level Plans (NUMP)


Overall Project Amount


Implementation period

October 2018 -  2020

Project phases



Aimed at generating a framework of understanding for the development of the NUMP and its outcomes: preliminary assessment, multi-sectoral dialogue, working structure, among others


The Status Quo Analysis is aimed at collecting and analysing information on the current status of urban mobility in the country, complemented by five multi-sector workshops

Vision and measurements

Steps aimed at defining a shared vision, common objectives, measurements, and targets for tackling the climate crisis from the transport sector

Detailed design

Details of agreed actions and definition of an action plan for their implementation

Expected results


National Sustainable Mobility Strategy

Support the fulfilment of the NDC through the Long-Term Strategy from the transport sector. Generate a governance model for the promotion of sustainable mobility. Strengthen technical capacities in multiple sectors

National Urban Mobility Programme for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

This will allow the systematising, organising, and financing of sustainable mobility initiatives so that the regions themselves can design and implement their own Mobility Plans to achieve Chile's commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement 2015 and its update in 2020-2021

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A multisectoral effort to tackle climate change

August 31, 2020

Interview with Gisèle Labarthe and Rodrigo Henríquez, from the Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications.


Latin American countries exchange experiences about National Mobility Plans

June 25, 2020

Participants included Chile, Ecuador, and Uruguay, which are developing their national policies and plans with support from EUROCLIMA+.




Latin American EUROCLIMA+ partners meet during Sustainable Transport Week in Latin America and the Caribbean

February 28, 2020

EUROCLIMA+ promotes sustainable and low-carbon urban mobility in Latin America

Tools and resources

Project poster

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Equipo NUMP Chile

Gisèle Danielle Labarthe Bordagorry

Executive Secretariat               


Ministry of Telecommunications and Transport of Chile


Rodrigo Henríquez Izquierdo

Coordinator of Territorial Analysis  


Ministry of Telecommunications and Transport of Chile


Álvaro Salas Rojas                

Urbanism Analyst           


Ministry of Telecommunications and Transport of Chile


Main applicant

Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications

MTT Chile



  • Ministry of Housing and Urbanism
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Ministry of Energy
  • Ministry of Public Works
  • Ministry of Social Development

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