Assessment of losses and damages from climate impact - Part 1

On Thursday, 17 February 2023, the 25th virtual exchange session of the Community of Practice on Climate Policy Monitoring and Evaluation ( CoPME1) took place under the title

" Assessment of losses and damages from climate impacts - Part 1". The session, the first in a series that will address this topic, aimed to provide an introduction to the concept under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and to learn about the current status of international discussions; to identify the implications and main elements to take into account at the regional level in Latin America; and to identify concrete needs to be explored in the next session of the CoPM&E. For this, Miwa Kato, from the Adaptation Division of the UNFCCC who is in charge of the negotiations on losses and damages in the Warsaw Mechanism (WIM), made a presentation.

This contextual presentation was followed by a discussion among the members of the community of practice on the implications in the region, especially on the systems and mechanisms related to monitoring and evaluation, and finally a group exercise was carried out to identify the main needs of the group to be addressed in the next sessions of the series.

Conclusions Document 

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