El Salvador towards a Long-Term Climate Strategy

The country presents the diagnosis and roadmap for the development of the ED2050 Strategy, which has been supported by the EUROCLIMA+ programme.

San Salvador, 19 January 2022 - Last Tuesday, 18 January, the presentation of the Diagnosis of Capacities and Needs for Strengthening the Enabling Environment for the Formulation of the Long-Term Strategy in El Salvador -which is being accompanied by EUROCLIMA+, through the FIIAPP-, as well as the roadmap for its development, took place.

During the session, the final results of the diagnosis carried out through a series of participatory workshops and data collection were presented. In addition, the notions for the roadmap that will guide the process of developing the strategy, led by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador (MARN), were also presented.

El Salvador experiences losses and damages due to climate change every year, but to date it has no institutionalised and systematic mechanisms to address or reduce them. Twelve per cent of the country's activities depend directly on the climate, making its economy highly sensitive to climate change. At the same time, it has a significant number of poor people who subsist by working in activities related to or dependent on climate and the environment.

In this framework, the government of El Salvador has set itself the objective of developing its Long-Term Climate Strategy (LTCS), which will provide a long-term vision that will allow it to frame its successive NDCs.  The International and Ibero-America Foundation for Administration and Public Policy of Spain (FIIAPP) is supporting the MARN in this process, as part of its activity in the EUROCLIMA+ Programme, funded by the European Commission (EC), which aims to facilitate and promote political dialogue and the exchange of experiences and knowledge on climate issues between different institutions of the European Union and Latin America.

As a first step, the government of El Salvador has considered the need to carry out a diagnosis of the information available and necessary to develop an LTCS that is relevant, useful and meaningful for the country, as well as the capacities available and necessary for them. Based on this, it has prepared an informed roadmap to organise the LTCS construction process, based on the best knowledge and recommendations for a successful formulation. 

The "Diagnosis of capacities and needs and the strengthening of the enabling environment for the formulation of the Long-Term Strategy in El Salvador" responds to this need expressed by the country. In its development, it has tried to involve representatives of the main institutional actors and key sectors that should be part of the development of the strategy, in order to inform them and make them aware of the need, content, meaning and process for the preparation of a long-term strategy.

With this diagnosis, carried out through virtual information/training sessions, the perception of existing and necessary capacities has been identified, which has allowed recommendations to be made about the level of detail and the type of long-term strategy that could be most useful and valuable for El Salvador, considering a practical approach that allows for the design of a useful and manageable strategy for the country.


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